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Twin-Glow is a world-class light juggling performance. With the most modern LED equipment, spectacular images are conjured up in the darkness, accompanied by exciting music. Every time you think it's over, another club comes out of nowhere until it all ends in a magnificent rainbow. The Canavaltwins are the only duo in the world to juggle 11 clubs on stage while standing on cubes, setting new standards in technical partner juggling. Their act was awarded the prize of the Club of Friends of Circus, Variety and Artists of Switzerland at the International Circus Festival Young Stage. This performance is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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In Twin-Beats, two completely different people meet, but they are united by one thing. They are twins. With a lot of wit and charm, the Canavaltwins take you into a world where dynamic and powerful rhythms are combined with fast-paced juggling.

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The Canavaltwins will also accompany your event, show or dinner show with beautiful music in your desired style.

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About us

The twins Michael and Florian Canaval found their love for music at the age of 6. Besides their main subjects cello and drums, they also received lessons in piano, guitar and violin. They were already on stage at the age of 9 and played in various bands for years. 

In 2016, they began training at the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin, which they completed with great success in 2019. Since then, the Canavaltwins have worked in numerous productions at home and abroad and can be booked not only as a world-class juggling duo, but also as professional musicians.



List of references



Produktion „Catch the beat” mit Jonglissimo, Linzer Pflasterspektakel, Kultursommer

Produktion „Homoinventus“, Q-Space Berlin, Bröllin

Festungsvarieté Koblenz, Café Hahn (Festung Ehrenbreitenstein)



Neujahrsvarieté, Kulturhaus Schloß Laupheim

Rantastic Varieté, Baden- Baden

Internationales Gaukler und Kleinkunstfestival, Koblenz

Galashow „Spin“ für Firma Knape

Varieté Glücksklee, Waldenbuch

32. Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg, Young & Fresh Gala



Absolventenshow „Spin!“: Deutschlandtournee

Galaveranstaltung, Lionsclub Veste Riegersburg

Weihnachtsvarieté „Hals über Kopf“ Café Hahn, Koblenz



Benefizgala „Berlin mit Herz“, Palazzo Spiegelzelt



Traumtheater Salome: Deutschlandtournee

La Flambée Incroyable, Les Mans, Frankreich

Galashow Jugend trainiert für Olympia, Max Schmeling Halle Berlin



Ausbildung an der Staatlichen Artistenschule Berlin



IJA (International Jugglers Association)- juggling-world championship



25. Linzer Pflasterspektakel


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